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We are living at a time when there are wide spread concerns regarding safety and security of homes and businesses. Security systems have become indispensable products for every building today. Studies show that those properties secured by Alarm Austin systems are less likely to be burglarized. The advanced security systems installed by professional security system companies can be connected to phone lines. These telephone monitoring services respond to calls. These sophisticated systems can track not only burglaries, but also medical emergencies and fires also. Here we explore the different options regarding alarms systems. The gamut of options in front of you can be classified under two heads namely monitored or non-monitored security systems.

Monitored and Non-Monitored Security systems

There are two approaches to installing security systems. Either they are monitored or non-monitored. In the former case, they are linked to a central monitoring office. In the latter case, they are just linked to an alarm mounted on the building.

Monitored Security Alarms

When a monitored system is installed Brian Dawkins Jersey , the company receives an intruder signal when the system is tripped. Upon this, the control panel sends out a signal to the central monitoring station over the standard phone line. The station then contacts the owner of the premises within 10 seconds either by telephone or intercom. You will be required to send the pass code for verification. If the passcode is not provided, the monitoring station will depute police to visit the location. Usually most alarm companies charge a monthly fee apart from installation fee. The charges depend on the options you go for. While signing up for a monitoring system, the customers must provide primary, secondary and tertiary contact information for receiving notifications.

The in-house central stations of the large home security monitoring companies can watch over4 thousands of houses and businesses. Since these services are verified by the independent non-profit Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Carson Wentz Jersey , these services cost more. These agencies issue the certification after testing the products for maximum safety and reliability. The internally managed campuses must also contact the authorities within 45 seconds. They must have a dependable back-up system of 10 to 15 days during power outages.

Non-monitored Security Alarms

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