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Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik didn’t want to get into a public discussion of the teams' attempt to extend Felix Hernandez’s contract this offseason, but he again made it clear the club wants to keep the ace in a Seattle uniform for as long as possible.


Ken Rosenthal of FOXSports reported Tuesday that the Mariners have at least been weighing a four-year, $100M extension offer.

The Different Parts Of Graduation Regalia Hood The Different Parts Of Graduation Regalia Hood March 5, 2013 | Author: Allen Davis | Posted in Education

“Education is not a preparation for life. Education and learning is life itself.” Certainly, this quote is true to some due to the fact that finding out does not end after going to school. Especially, discovering does not end after graduation. Even if others have graduated , it is essential in that event that one ought to understand the meaning of his or her graduation regalia. In one’s graduation, symbolic and total outfit is expected when one marches in front of the crowd. Complete graduation regalia are composed of a graduation gown, a graduation cap, and obviously, a graduation regalia hood.


Generally, the graduation hood is the one that is easily recognized relating to the degree reached by the graduate. The hood’s color , the hood’s size and the hood’s design marks the institution and significant course as well. The velvet part of the hood which is normally the smoothest one with a thick heap stands for the academic degree color. While the satin section of the hood is the one with a glossy surface which tends to have a greater appeal in the general part of the hood represents the school colors.


The parts of the Graduation Regalia hood are gone over further. In the parts of a hood, the shell part of the robe must match the product of the hood. Also, the shell should be color black even if the robe has a completely various color. The satin part of the Graduation Regalia hood is called the interior lining. As stated above, the satin part represents the institution on which the degree is provided. If, for example, the interior lining has two or more colors , it needs to have a patt.

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